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16 February 2023

the Måneskin in Trieste

on 16 July in Trieste, the Italian band will perform at the Stadio Nereo Rocco Date zero of their first stadium tour Over the past two years, Måneskin…

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15 January 2023

TriesteFilmFestival from 21st to 28th January 23

The Trieste Film Festival is the most attentive film festival on what happens in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Of the 5 film festivals that are held in Trieste,…

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28 November 2022

A winter on exhibition

Trieste’s winter will be enlivened by two very different exhibitions within walking distance of each other. At the Salone degli Incanti the controversial exhibition of works attributed to…

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20 September 2022

Learn how to harvest the Karst olives and extract their precious oil

Autumn is the month of the harvest, and in Trieste, in particular, there is an excellence that we would like to introduce you to: the precious oil obtained…

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27 July 2022


A museum full of wonders and mysteries… at the bottom of the sea! An incredible world awaits us beneath the surface of the sea, made up of fascinating…

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30 June 2022

Summer Concerts at San Giusto Castle

In July and August, there is plenty of music and entertainment in the magnificent setting of San Giusto Castle.

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18 January 2022

Trieste, city of Joy(ce)

The BirthAnniversary we’ve been waiting for! 22 is a magic number for our anti-hero JJ: on 2.2.1822 the great Irish writer, patron of our hotel, was born. And…

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16 December 2021

Christmas time in Trieste

Another underwhelming Christmas? It’s true, you need the Green Pass to stay in a hotel. The good news is that Trieste – which just took first place in…

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