7 March 2024

Art in “Trieste e dintorni” with Alessandro Ludovisi

If you missed the opportunity to see this exhibition in real life, don’t despair! Catch up on the virtual exhibit HERE (courtesy of matterport.com).

The Hotel Letterario is pleased to invite you from Monday 4 March to Tuesday 30 April to the “Trieste e dintorni” art exhibition of the emerging painter from Trieste Alessandro Ludovisi. You can find him in the setting of the rooms of the hotel that was James Joyce’s home. Enjoy a coffee with a good book while savoring the streets of Trieste city and province and nearby Istria, thanks to the artist’s work.

We hope that as many people as possible will enjoy this exhibition, which examines the land we are fond of from a variety of perspectives. Each painting, in fact, highlights details of its infinite vastness, from the sea to the mountains, from the city to the natural landscape, from the human subject to the material one.

Let’s meet Alessandro Ludovisi through the pen of Agostino Ricardi di Netro, former author of “Oleg Supereco” published by Le Lettere Scarlatte:

“Enthusiasm, passion and friendliness: three elements you come across when you get to know this young painter, Alessandro Ludovisi, proudly from Trieste.
Boldness, strength of mind, curiosity: these are other impulses of his character, which push him to research, within himself and in the lands that surround him, moving like the tip of a compass across the entire Adriatic arc, from Venice to Pula , in the hope of finding meaning for his existence and his actions.
Is it love for Istria, for its stone and seaside towns, that attracts him on pilgrimage, and from there to document the fruit of his visions with bright colors on white canvases? Or is it the desire for painting, for fantastic and ancient views, for poetic subjects worthy of a joyful art, that leads him to adventure, never satisfied with small yet so important discoveries?
It’s a dog chasing its tail, this reflection on the life that Alessandro leads, because any answer that even he himself wanted to try to give would not be certain or definitive; the need to paint is so inherent in him, and so deep is his passion for the history and forms, down to the detail, of these lands.
However, it is not important to answer what, after all, is not a question, but a Hamlet-like, and therefore rhetorical, question about life, destined to remain open until the end of his days, if his heart wants to remain young: a what good is it to do? Why prepare, over and over again, other canvases? Why chase inaccessible yet fascinating destinations? And again, what can we hope for from his art and the fruits of his pictorial meditations?
The tools of his research are simple; the spots of color and the obsessive strokes of the brush, which builds shadows and lights longing for Van Gogh, do not have the presumption of establishing a high or refined discourse, but – in their best moments – yearn for a higher quality, sincerity. And so a Japanese-style sea view of Miramare is neither original nor quotable; a Munch-like perspective on the Cathedral of San Giusto is neither intellectual nor sentimental; an Istrian landscape is neither Fauvist nor expressionist. His works, with the healthy naivety that pervades them, are simply what they are: the expression of a young man’s sensitivity and affection for the images that move him, translated according to what his eye calls “beautiful ”.
As long as God preserves this enthusiasm for him, Alessandro can continue to paint; and it is not important that at the end of his story he can call himself a professional painter (how many greats have failed on that path?), but that he has cultivated that love for art and life, which today go so faithfully hand in hand in his person.”

The exhibition remains open to the public free of charge without reservation every day from 11am to 8pm except for some days where the room is privately booked. Check availability on +39040362415 or come in person to our hotel in Via Oriani, 2.

Furthermore, the artist made himself available for the sale of some of the paintings on display. Please feel free to contact us HERE for further information.

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