4 December 2018

Christmas markets and the two rows of Christmas trees in the largest square in Europe on the sea

What awaits you in Trieste during the Christmas period?


From Saturday 8 December until 22 December, Christmas rhymes with Trieste. Have you ever experienced the magic of Central European Christmas yet overlooking the sea? Tis is possible. In Trieste you can admire the largest square in Europe overlooking the sea repopulated with Austrian (Christmas) trees for the Holidays!

Christmas 2018 is more magical because the Christmas markets can also be seen in the magnificent setting of Piazza Unità, crowning its long rows of festively decorated trees. They will be open every day from 10 am to 8 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays until 9 pm.



Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Trieste means immersing yourself in a dreamlike atmosphere. The reasons are many. The warmth of the neoclassical architecture of the city embraces and welcomes those who wish to be taken to another place, unique and timeless, just like Trieste.


Piazza Unità d’Italia repopulated with real Christmas trees from end to end of the long sides that connect it to the sea. This square is notoriously a dream, particularly when you arrive in the evening, perhaps from the sea, and the buildings that surround it in a horseshoe shape dazzle you with their power and dazzling lights. At Christmas it becomes a paradise of joy: a scent of fir mixed with that of the sea, Christmas songs resonate in the air and the lights of the festival that join the dozens of firs one after the other.


Piazza Unità d'Italia a Natale ph Marino Sterle


The Trieste Christmas markets add a touch of magic to the pedestrian areas, as if you were walking in Santa’s fairy lab. The artisans of 9 countries (Croatia, Finland, Great Britain, Baltic Republics, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary) meet here to show the small and meticulous things to give as gifts.


mercatino di natale


From this year, there will be two skating rinks: one for adults in Piazza della Borsa and one for children in Piazza Ponterosso. Two wonderful frames to practice one of the oldest and most loved winter activities of all time.



What sweets do you eat for Christmas in Trieste?

In Mitteleuropa Triestina you can enjoy the delicious chocolate cake Sacher filled with jam as in the best Viennese tradition. Or your palate could be delighted by the Slavic traditional Presnitz, rich in almond nuts and raisins. To each his own, provided you do not forget to get a bag of colored Fave, almond paste that is made from November for the Feast of the dead but that gladly accompanies the entire winter season.


torta sacher


Just take a walk on the Karst, perhaps one of those with sea view, such as the Napoleonic walk, the path of the Salvia or the Rilke path (our Front Desk will give you the best information on how to reach the different routes) to remind you that here sea ​​and mountains coexist in an inseparable and complementary harmony.









In addition, the presence of the sea always guarantees a very soft Christmas in the former imperial port, but if you feel cold, remember that our spa for private use only is able to give you all the warmth you need to pass the best of Central European Christmas.


SPA Hotel Victoria Trieste

Happy Holidays from all the Staff of the Victoria Literary Hotel

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