13 December 2019

Escher Show, Christmas Markets and the Firs on the sea

What awaits you in Trieste for the holidays?

Christmas seems to rhyme with Trieste. Have you ever experienced the magic of Central European Christmas overlooking the sea? In Trieste you can admire the largest square of Europe on the sea repopulated with real Christmas trees on the occasion of the holidays!

Spending holidays in Trieste is a rhyme for a dreamlike atmosphere. The are many reasons. The warmth of the neoclassical architecture of the city embraces and joyfully welcomes those who want to find out its misterious corners and be taken to another unique and timeless place, just like Trieste.

“Piazza Unità d’Italia” has been repopulated with real Christmas trees on both sides of the square and it creates a wonderful pathway to the sea. When you arrive in the evening, perhaps from the sea, all the buildings nearby dazzle you with their elegant flashy lights. At Christmas it becomes a paradise of joy: the scent of fir that mingles with the sound of the kind waves of the sea, Christmas songs resound in the air while the lights that are surrounding the square may gently caress each fir. If you follow in the direction of Eataly and the former “Pescheria – Salone degli Incanti” you will find a very special surprise waiting for you …

The ESCHER on Show at the “Salone degli Incanti”
from the  of December 18th to June the 7th 2020

The entry ticket to the great exhibition dedicated to the Dutch artist who anticipated Surrealism and the Optical Art, MAURITS CORNELIS ESCHER, will be included with the hotel stay. Booking even for just one night you can receive a coupon that will allow you to access for free. A wonderful opportunity to give your loved ones a stay in the magical city of Trieste.


So what can you give this Christmas?

This year we have been thinking about your gifts with two ideas that could excite those who were looking for a Gift Card. We will take care of sending to your loved ones the envelope with the gift you have chosen.

In addition to the other stay offers that you may find on the website, you can choose to give a stay with a literary walk accompanied by an expert guide who will pick you up at the hotel and introduce you to Trieste on the footsteps of its writers.

Or enjoy a stay with the rate and benefits stay you find on our website:

  • 24h Hotel parking for € 13
  • If you stay 3 nights, you will receive access to the private SPA
  • Breakfast, Minibar and Wi-fi are included
  • Cancellation without penalty up to the day before

and at the same time the free tickets to enjoy the Escher exhibition which opens on December the 18th and will remain open until June the 7th 2020. We will take care of everything.

Christmas 2019 is magical also thanks to the Christmas markets that located in Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Ponterosso. They will be open every day from 10 AM to 8PM, and on Friday and Saturday until 9PM.

Still in Ponterosso, the ice skating rink is waiting for you to turn back time as a child and practice one of the most loved and ancient winter activities ever.

Just take a walk on the Carso, maybe one of those with a sea view, like the Napoleonic promenade, the Via della Salvia or the Rilke path (our Front Desk will give you the best information on how to reach the different routes) to remind you that here, sea and mountain coexist in an inseparable and complementary harmony.

Moreover, the presence of the sea always guarantees a very soft Christmas by the former imperial port, but if you feel that cold, remember that our reservation for the SPA will concede to you all the warmth you need to enjoy the very best of the Mittel European Christmas.


Buone Feste da tutto lo Staff del Victoria Hotel Letterario

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